Sunday, July 19, 2009

banging my head slowly (a term usually reserved for work)

I have not edited any of this "conversation" although it is very similar to conversations I have with kindergarten students at work.

** ** **
Please wait for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order.
Thank you for your patience!A Verizon Wireless online pre-sales specialist has joined the chat.

You are now chatting with Nolan

Nolan: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?

You: I'm trying to figure out what phone to get next. I currently have a chocolate, which I hate.

You: So really, anything would be a step up from that.

Nolan: Are you an existing Verizon Wireless customer?

You: Yes, I am

Nolan: Are you logged into "My Verizon" with your username and password?

You: I would love to have visual voicemail, a phone with a good camera, and an easy to access speaker phone button for when I'm driving in dc.

You: Yes, I am logged in

Nolan: OKay now click my verizon then overview

You: Do you have any phones you can recommend that have those items? I know I'm up for my 'new in 2' but I don't want to be stuck with a phone like the chocolate again.

Nolan: Yes. Is there any discounted price listed?

You: ???? I don't have a phone picked out yet. I just want some recommendations

Nolan: Okay once you log in we can see whats available on your current plan

Nolan: I have not heard from you for a few moments. Would you like me to keep this chat session open for you?

You: I'm logged in- I have a $50 credit for any phone.

Nolan: Great! What is your new every two date?

You: 4/13/09

Nolan: Great! What is your mobile number?

You: I just want advice on a phone- I might not be ready to get it yet!!

You: I'm just looking.

Nolan: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless, I look forward to speaking with you again. Have a great day!

Your chat session has been ended by your Verizon Wireless online agent.

** ** **
Maybe I'm missing something. I just wanted advice. Why wouldn't he tell me the phone options I have?

Meanwhile, if anyone has any advice on a phone I'd love it- my priorities are: 1) Good, easy to use speaker phone so when I'm driving in DC I don't have to push a lot of buttons to communicate with Peter. 2) Camera (3.0 would be nice). 3) Visual voicemail