Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Tonight we opened a bottle of blue fish pinot grigio. It was surprisingly sparkly and light and I really am enjoying it.

It has a screw-top which makes it appear cheap (which it was, that's why we bought it), but according to my wine-savvy brother, screw tops are actually better for the aging and storing process of the wine.

It doesn't matter much since I'm not too much of a wine snob about such things, but now if I want to be snooty about it I can.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

teacher salary, wine lover

In the last few years I've made the disappointing discovery that:

1) I like wine
2) Wine is expensive
3) I love my job
4) I love it more after a glass of wine at the end of the day
5) My job will never pay me enough to pretend to be in Sideways. (To be honest I couldn't even stay awake during the film because I was tired after a long day of teaching)

So, in the last few years we've tried different ways to bring together my love of wine and my small pay scale.

1) Box wine. - While this is fun for those alcoholic months, it doesn't give you that same satisfaction. It's kind of like that natty light in college. It got the job done, but was it really a job that was needed in the first place? Sometimes you're better off sober.

2) 3 buck Chuck via Trader Joe's. I discovered this my first year out of college and it got me and my friends through some times. Raise a glass to Trader Joe's.

3) The Williamsburg Winery wine that frequently goes on sale in the grocery store for $6.99. It's fabulous, and it feels like a taste of VA culture. I wonder if we're supporting the historical society by drinking it. Hmmmm....

4) Stay away from fancy wines. A good friend knew nothing about wine until she started working at the society of wine educators. Now she can drink with the rest of them but can no longer enjoy my spiked Trader Joe's grape juice. Improving my tastes might make me more socially acceptable, but it will only hurt my wallet.

Hopefully this blog will help us continue to explore the non-wine connoisseur side of the wine world.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dinner with Friends

If you're asked to bring the wine for a casual dinner party of 4-6 friends, spring the extra couple bucks and get the 1.5 liter bottle of wine instead of the usual 750 mL bottle. We did this tonight, bringing a $10.99 bottle of Fish Eye Shiraz - just three dollars more than regular-sized bottle for a lot more wine. Fish Eye is a nice label and you shouldn't be deterred by the screw top cap (though the big bottles use a cork), but the shiraz is rather mediocre - if you go Fish Eye, go for the chardonnay or pinot grigio.

However, unless you're dining with real wine snobs, they aren't going to notice the quality of the wine and no one with sense is going to ask you the price. They will notice, however, if the wine runs out.

Don't let the wine run out.