Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 winners...

i know you all have been anxiously waiting to hear the winners from this year's christmas card contest. A contest where we rank our christmas cards in an act that goes against everything the season itself stands for.

*sigh* it may make us bad people, but we love your cards, so why not appreciate the best ones?

the winner is the card from the long family that featured them, their cute dog digory, and the chick-filla cow. nothing can ever beat chick-filla, so don't even try. we also appreciate the mere fact we received the card (but acknowledge that we have been warned not to get too excited because we wont get another one from them for awhile.)

the second place winner is a home made card from our neighbors across the way- so simple and cute but very well made.

third place is one of my former co-workers whose card features their new baby snuggled with their dogs, along with a poem from their dogs about how they are settling in to life with their new housemate. it also features some great photos of them trying to bottle feed the baby as the dogs try to help...

the winner in the category of e-cards is the mitchells whose list of vital statistics from their year made us laugh. we're already looking forward to next year's!

we'd also like to give a nod to ken cuccinelli's card (attorney general elect). although the front of the card featured the typical politician standing with his large, happy family photo the inside featured the art work of one of his kids, which i just think was a very nice touch and had to make the child so happy.

nice work 2009! it was a tough field this year and we appreciated everyone's entries. we look forward next year's submissions.