Saturday, August 23, 2008

efo concert live at wolftrap!

in which ab learned that doing an irish jig in flipflops is difficult and not a good idea.
which is sad, because there really is no other way to dance to old dominion, but going barefoot on the sidewalk also seemed like a very bad idea.
mental note: next time wear cute mary janes made for dancing.

we were also introduced to the band great big sea, from canada. it was a glorious evening of folk music. i'm still kind of sad i didn't get a shirt that said, 'folkin' excellent'. peter was surprised by great big sea and how good they were. he gives them the gold medal over eddie from ohio, who did not seem to bring their a game. great big sea seemed to be playing their little hearts out, but efo seemed to be holding back. it was quite sad. i was ready to dance to all their fun songs, and their energy (that we know they have!) just wasn't there. maybe it was just a rough night.

in front of us was a huge family that obviously knew all the words to all the songs from both groups. they had two little boys who were just breaking it down to the music. then suddenly during a slow efo song i looked up and noticed that one man in the family was pressing a small jewlery box into a woman and he was whispering something to her while the family shot pics. yes, he just proposed. there is something about witnessing a proposal and the family happiness that is just magical. it was so sweet to watch.

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