Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pizza and Wine

When people think pizza, they tend to think beer. But what if you want a white wine to cool down a long day? We tried a couple over a nice warm Freschetta pizza the other day. Our competitors for best white with pizza: Barrio La Boca 2005 chardonnay (Trader Joe’s, $4.99) vs. Stone Cellars by Beringer 2004 sauvignon blanc (Harris Teeter, $8.99).

We usually are not big on sauvignon blancs. We tend to find them too dry and oaky – more like licking a tree than a refreshing beverage. Beringer’s sauv blanc, however, tends to be more palatable than others, and for pizza the dryness really helps. Love the La Boca, but with pizza, the Beringer wins.

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